Who We Are?

The healthcare industry has been transforming globally through the development of smart medical technologies and devices that serves to revolutionize how the healthcare segment functions which ensures quality of care yet cost effectiveness.

Healthcare sector in Pakistan is still in the early stages of development yet progressive in adopting latest technological transformation especially the growing private healthcare market which is expanding rapidly catering to population growth, rapid urbanization and growing middle class. Deeplomed is an enterprising and emerging healthcare Marketing and Distribution Company catering to the changing healthcare landscape of the country and bridging the technological gap while focusing primarily on the respiratory care device market in critical care/Emergency Care settings. We are headquartered in Karachi and established a strong network across the country by setting up our own offices as well as creating partner offices and appointing dealers so to better serve the healthcare sector of Pakistan.

We feel pride to represent Aerogen, an Ireland based manufacturer and a global leader in high-performance aerosol drug delivery system as an exclusive channel partner for Pakistan. Aerogen offers high performance aerosol drug delivery systems for MV, NIV and spontaneous patients incorporating unique palladium vibrating mesh technology Aerogen Vibronic, a breakthrough and offers the only closed circuit (in-line) aerosol drug delivery system that mitigates the transmission of patient generated infectious aerosol for patients on mechanical ventilation.

Aerogen is the first company to introduce the palladium vibrating mesh aerosol drug treatment system in an acute care environment, this system is accepted as the gold standard wide. We also offer through our associates Medical Gas systems by “NOXERIOR”, an Italian based leading manufacturer as well as refurbished equipment focusing mainly on ICU Ventilators and Anesthesia systems by leading manufacturers in catering needs of cost  effective yet quality driven segment of healthcare market of the country.

Our clients encompass Government Institutions, Private Customers, and Corporate Hospitals who diligently invite our business for on-going and upcoming projects in Pakistan backed up by our in-house experienced and factory trained support team, we ensure that our service delivery is able to keep up with the needs of the market which in turn enabled us successfully in capturing substantial market share together with customer good will and loyalty.

Our Mission

At DeeploMed , our mission is "to bring in the future of medical technology innovation to the present Pakistan Healthcare Industry with value added benefits to meet and exceed customer expectations".

Our Vision

We aim become the most favored Healthcare solutions provider to our customers by becoming a strategic partner to innovative and established healthcare companies from across the world.

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The Aerogen Vibronic Technology assures Deep Lung Penetration for Aerosol Drug Delivery

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